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A look behind the scenes …

A look behind the scenes

Businessplan Software I Strategy Software I Startup Planning Software

Extensive functions and a user-friendly interface are just some of the features of Mybusinessdesigner.

We will show you an initial overview of the exact functions…


Welcome to your dashboard area. Here you will find all the important information at a glance, clearly arranged.

Current tasks, latest product plans, notes, user overview and and and.

Business Model

Plan your business models and see the relevant information about each individual project, such as costs and revenues or information about customer relationships and channels of each individual model.

SWOT Analyse

Take advantage of the opportunity to clearly compare both the strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and risks of your company.

Work proactively and strategically and create your own SWOT analysis.


Manage all users and enter the appropriate details for each user.

Define new users and see the details of each individual user at a glance.





One calendar for all users and tasks within one program.







Product Planning

Create your own product ideas in detail and invite other team members.

Note factors like start and end dates, and note other specific details about your product planning.

Upload Documents

Upload and download documents – for you and other users. Uncomplicated and done in a few seconds.

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